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Oregon State Legislature legislative-agenda


Legislator PhotoRepresentative Annessa Hartman​

Democrat  - District 40

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1440
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-487, Salem, Oregon 97301


2023 Legislative Agenda

Fighting for Working Oreg​onians


I've focused my legislative agenda on helping working Oregonians from all walks of life, incorporating my conversations with constituents on the campaign trail with my lived experience as a working mother, military brat, and Gladstone City Councilor. My legislative priorities for the 2023 Session are Infrastructure, Working Families, and Human Services.


In addition to championing a bill to fight ODOT’s unfair tolling, I'm sponsoring bills to fund much-needed school safety infrastructure projects and help lower water bills for low-income Oregonians.

I'm also committed to zealously advocating for Gladstone and Oregon City’s capital project requests. 

My infrastructure bills include: HB 3441 HB 3125, HB 2257, HB 3231​.

Working Families

Standing up for Oregon’s working families helps everyone in our state, which is why I'm sponsoring bills that protect and expand affordable housing, childcare, and children's health.

My bills to help working families include: HB 2728, HB 2617, HB 2889, HB 2618, HB 2707, and SB 535.

Human Services

I believe in protecting Oregon’s most vulnerable and advocating for bills that create resources and expand opportunities for domestic & sexual assault survivors, veterans, foster children, rural Oregonians, Indigenous people, elderly Oregonians, and people suffering from mental illness.

My human services bills include: HB 3018, HB 2615, HB 2757​, HB 2732, HB 2800, SB 548, SB 612, SB 613, SB 576, SB 564, and SB 509.

​Priorit​y Bills

No Tolls on Us Without Us (HB 3441) 

ODOT has ignored our communities and concerns for too long. My bill requires ODOT to actually meaningfully involve us in the process, prove to us that their plan will not unduly burden our communities, and receive consent from our county commissions.

Expanding Promise Grant Eligibility to Veterans (HB 2615)

We must ensure that veterans have as much support as possible after they leave the military. HB 2615 allows veterans to access the same grants for free community college tuition that are currently restricted to recent high school graduates. ​

Water Payment Assistance for Low-Income Households (HB 3125)

No Oregonian should have to choose between paying their water bill or buying food. My upcoming bill, now known as HB 3125, is a bipartisan effort to establish a fund that assists low-income Oregonians with paying their water and sewer bills. ​

Home Share for Oregon (HB 3032)

40% of all Oregonian seniors are at risk of losing their homes. HB 3032 will allow some of these seniors to retain their housing by increasing interest in, and therefore public knowledge of, the Home Share program. 

Home Share Oregon matches people looking to rent bedrooms in houses with compatible people, running criminal background checks and accounting for various compatibility factors, including news consumption, cleaning habits, noise-making, and more. HB 3032 relieves homeowners participating in this program from paying state income tax on the rent earned up to $1,000 per month.