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Oregon State Legislature social-media-policy


Legislator PhotoRepresentative Annessa Hartman​

Democrat  - District 40

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1440
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-487, Salem, Oregon 97301


Social Media Policy

You are encouraged to share your thoughts related to the topics being discussed. However, we are not responsible for the content posted by others, and hosting user comments on our social media pages does not constitute endorsement or approval of those comments.

We expect all comments, and any links or pictures posted within comments, to comply with Meta and Instagram’s terms of service. Any comments that fail to comply with these terms of service will be reported to Meta and Instagram.

We further expect all comments, and any links or pictures posted within comments, to demonstrate common courtesy and to be respectful and family-friendly.

Consequently, we reserve the right to remove comments that:

  • Contain threats or suggest violence to an individual or group;

  • Contain or suggest obscenity, pornography, or profanity;

  •  Contain defamatory statements;

  • Contain personal attacks directed toward an individual (including the use of derogatory names);

  •  Contain personal information;

  •  Promote, foster, or perpetuate discrimination based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, or marital status;

  •  Promote or endorse products, services, or businesses;

  • Are unrelated to the topic being discussed; or

  • Are of a repetitive nature (the same or similar comments posted multiple times).

Any comments in violation of this policy may be removed without notice. Repeated violations of this policy may result in the suspension of the privilege to post and/or view information on our social media pages.