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House Republican Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1400
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE,​ H-395, Salem, Oregon 97301
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collapse Year : 2022 ‎(10)
Democratic Leaders failed to help Oregonians with fundamental issues during 2022 Legislative Session3/4/2022 12:44 PM 
Rep. Salinas and Rep. Holvey spearhead Democrats’ agriculture overtime bill, likely cutting hours and pay for farm workers3/1/2022 12:43 PM 
House Republicans block OHA from receiving executive office powers; instead guarantee insurance coverage for essential health care visits3/1/2022 10:43 AM 
Republicans will walk away from Interstate Bridge Replacement program talks if Washington’s tax on Oregonians passes2/23/2022 4:25 PM 
Family farms propose alternative Oregon solution to ag overtime2/23/2022 3:01 PM 
Oregon state revenue continues to increase while Oregonians feel the pressure of inflation2/9/2022 10:12 AM 
Governor’s deadline for lifting mask mandate is long overdue2/7/2022 5:15 PM 
House Republicans prepare for solutions-oriented 2022 Legislative Session2/1/2022 1:51 PM 
House Republicans oppose Democrats’ shameful pro-criminal agenda1/28/2022 4:00 PM 
U.S. Supreme Court decision means Oregon OSHA should remove strict private business COVID-19 mandates and drop plans for permanent indoor mask mandate1/13/2022 3:01 PM 
collapse Year : 2021 ‎(78)
Governor’s Environmental Quality Commission places partisan and unrealistic emission mandates on Oregonians12/17/2021 2:04 PM 
Second special session of 2021 highlights yet another state agency failure12/13/2021 7:04 PM 
Oregon House Republican Caucus Leadership Announcements12/7/2021 11:16 AM 
Republicans push for Emergency Board to implement  immediate relief for Oregon renters and landlords12/1/2021 11:14 AM 
Representative Drazan steps down from House Republican leadership, Representative Breese-Iverson selected as new Caucus Leader11/30/2021 3:19 PM 
Congressional redistricting map upheld that protects incumbents11/24/2021 10:23 AM 
Legislative redistricting map court decision upholds predetermined election results11/22/2021 2:24 PM 
Revenue forecast beats odds thanks to resilient Oregonians while highlighting failures of big budget government agencies11/17/2021 1:04 PM 
House Republican Leader opposes policies that raise cost of living amid historic inflation11/10/2021 3:02 PM 
Victims and their families traumatized by Governor's commutation plan11/4/2021 3:54 PM 
House Republicans respond to congressional redistricting map court challenge10/11/2021 5:48 PM 
Rigged redistricting process fails Oregon9/27/2021 3:30 PM 
House Republicans call for renewed commitment to collaboration following pause in legislative session9/21/2021 2:35 PM 
House Democrats form new partisan committee to pass illegal gerrymandered map9/20/2021 5:35 PM 
Oregon state budget continues to grow without solving problems8/25/2021 10:33 AM 
House Republican Caucus welcomes Christine Goodwin as the newest member representing House District 28/12/2021 6:32 PM 
House Republican Redistricting Committee members joint statement on release of 2020 Census Redistricting Data8/12/2021 6:31 PM 
House Republican Leader Christine Drazan statement on passing of Representative Gary Leif7/22/2021 12:10 PM 
OFRI Audit Misrepresents Oregon Forestry Industry to Advance Political Agenda 7/21/2021 3:38 PM 
Anna Scharf statement on her appointment to represent House District 237/9/2021 3:38 PM 
Hard-fought legislative session officially adjourns 6/26/2021 6:37 PM 
House Republican bill would return $300 million that Oregon owes taxpayers6/22/2021 4:27 PM 
New proposal could hike electricity bills for Oregonians and risk rolling blackouts throughout the state6/22/2021 2:15 PM 
House Republicans give property owners the chance to recover lost revenue6/17/2021 3:10 PM 
New plan allocates millions in taxpayer dollars for politicians instead of schools6/16/2021 11:20 AM 
Letter to Governor Brown to reopen the state with California6/15/2021 3:06 PM 
House Democrats failed to properly fund students, so they voted to lower graduation standards6/14/2021 1:27 PM 
House Republicans push to ban vaccine passports in Oregon6/14/2021 1:26 PM 
Rep Owens introduces bill to protect Oregonians’ right to privacy, ban implementation of discriminatory vaccine passports6/8/2021 9:50 AM 
Bill to lower health care costs for cold medicine passes Senate6/7/2021 4:50 PM 
“Bailey’s Bill” finally passes House with unanimous support6/7/2021 10:35 AM 
House Democrats unite against commitment to fully reopen schools by fall6/3/2021 2:04 PM 
House Republicans renew push for fully funded schools, oppose ‘cuts’ budget6/3/2021 12:58 PM 
House Democrats block effort to reintroduce ‘Ezra’s Law’6/1/2021 1:33 PM 
Bipartisan effort to introduce common-sense business protections5/26/2021 5:13 PM 
Letter to Governor Brown to end vaccine passports5/26/2021 11:24 AM 
Republicans support motion to end COVID-19 state of emergency5/20/2021 12:32 PM 
Letter to Governor Brown relating to OHA's and Oregon OSHA's vaccine verification requirement5/20/2021 10:49 AM 
Historic revenue surplus presents opportunities but highlights failure to fully fund schools5/19/2021 3:39 PM 
House Republicans call for fully reopened and fully funded schools 5/12/2021 1:41 PM 
OSHA a “no show” from Legislative committee hearing to discuss their permanent COVID-19 mask mandate5/11/2021 11:22 AM 
Statement of support for 'Good governance' bills proposed to address Oregon Government Ethics Commission audit recommendations5/7/2021 2:53 PM 
Bipartisan bill from Legislature would fully reopen schools5/6/2021 2:52 PM 
Republicans force vote to consider bill that gives Legislature oversight on Governor's emergency powers5/4/2021 12:01 PM 
Oregon House Legislators seek to curtail Governor's COVID-19 executive orders4/29/2021 1:54 PM 
Republican bill to lower health care costs for all Oregonians4/28/2021 1:15 PM 
CDC says move forward, Oregon moves backward?4/27/2021 3:54 PM 
House Republicans support public safety community with passage of bipartisan bills4/26/2021 1:11 PM 
Oregon to receive sixth congressional district4/26/2021 12:22 PM 
House Republican Leader calls on Speaker to ensure victim safety4/16/2021 5:33 PM 
Republicans secure funding for wildfire relief, education enrichment, essential services during first half of 2021 session4/16/2021 2:53 PM 
House Democrats raid ‘kicker’ to take more money away from Oregonians 4/16/2021 2:53 PM 
Republicans push comprehensive fixes to Oregon’s unemployment benefits system4/15/2021 8:20 PM 
Republicans sponsor legislation to maintain access to telehealth doctor appointments4/14/2021 4:30 PM 
Important legislation to lower health care costs for all Oregonians4/14/2021 3:09 PM 
Republican proposal to reinstate Oregon’s Promise scholarship for college students gets full vote of Education Committee 4/13/2021 4:28 PM 
Monumental Oregon childcare reform advances in the Legislature4/13/2021 1:07 PM 
Oregon Supreme Court says Legislature, not Secretary of State, has say over redistricting4/9/2021 2:09 PM 
New wildfire relief bill passes with bipartisan support to help Oregonians who are still rebuilding their lives4/9/2021 2:08 PM 
Republicans continue to fight bills with negative consequences for Oregonians4/7/2021 5:00 PM 
Oregon House Democrats ignore transparency with backroom dealing on highly contentious issue4/6/2021 11:40 AM 
Only two House bills in the Oregon Legislature would address  COVID-19’s impact on education4/2/2021 2:06 PM 
House Republicans applaud bipartisan initiative to prioritize rebalanced budget funding for communities4/1/2021 2:20 PM 
District Attorneys release joint statement denouncing proposals from Senate and House Democrats3/30/2021 1:30 PM 
Leader Drazan calls for legislators to refocus priorities3/26/2021 2:49 PM 
Oregon is second to last reopening schools3/26/2021 2:47 PM 
2021-23 Budget Framework released, starting the process for passing a balanced budget3/24/2021 5:30 PM 
Democrats move forward with legislation opening door to convicted criminals in schools3/19/2021 4:52 PM 
Oregon residents and businesses could be facing higher taxes if they received bi-partisan CARES Act relief funds3/16/2021 4:13 PM 
Bi-partisan coalition calls for an independent redistricting commission to redraw legislative districts in Oregon3/9/2021 12:38 PM 
Leader Drazan reminds House Majority Leader of minority party's shared governing role amid Democrats' attempts to dictate legislative process3/9/2021 10:35 AM 
Leader Drazan applauds overdue Summer Learning and Child Care package, recommends available federal dollars to fund initiative3/8/2021 10:32 AM 
House Republicans urge the public to join Oregon Redistricting virtual hearings3/8/2021 10:30 AM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Newly Released 2020 High School Graduation Rates1/21/2021 4:51 PM 
House Republican Leader Calls for Good Government Reforms and Increased Transparency in the Capitol1/12/2021 8:53 AM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Ongoing Investigation Into Recent Capitol Events1/10/2021 5:57 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Washington D.C. Violence1/6/2021 6:29 PM 
Houes Republican Leader Announces 2021 Leadership Team1/4/2021 3:19 PM 
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(63)
House Republican Leader Statement on December Economic and Revenue Forecast11/18/2020 10:41 AM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Oregon’s role in the Removal of Klamath Dams11/17/2020 3:04 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on State Funding for Wildfire Victims9/25/2020 7:03 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Emergency Board9/25/2020 7:02 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Revenue Forecast - September 20209/23/2020 9:53 AM 
House Republican Leader Statement on the Passing of Congressman Bob Smith9/22/2020 11:05 AM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf of Oregon Businesses Impacted by COVID-19 Executive Orders9/22/2020 10:36 AM 
House Republican Leader Supports Oregon State Police; Calls for Governor to Intervene8/14/2020 11:53 AM 
House Republicans Criticize Lack of Transparency and Public Access in Second Special Session of 2020.8/10/2020 11:26 PM 
House Republicans Call for Prosecution of Criminals and End to Violence in Portland8/6/2020 5:25 PM 
Representatives Hayden and Breese Iverson Urge Governor to Delay Carbon Green House Gas Emission Efforts7/23/2020 1:52 PM 
Drazan, Girod Urge Governor to Decouple Clackamas County from Washington and Multnomah7/17/2020 3:15 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Rebalancing State Budget7/16/2020 5:22 PM 
Rep. Lewis Appointed to Joint Committee on Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform6/30/2020 4:09 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Police Accountability Reform6/26/2020 7:10 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on the Conclusion of the First Special Session of 20206/26/2020 7:09 PM 
Republican Lawmakers Echo Ten Democrats in Support of COVID Liability Shield6/24/2020 8:22 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on the Passing of  Former Representative Vic Gilliam6/18/2020 2:11 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Special Session6/16/2020 2:17 PM 
House Republican Caucus Statement on Potential Special Session6/15/2020 11:52 AM 
 House Republican Leader Calls for Transparency in  Emergency Board Decision-Making6/4/2020 4:45 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on OED Plan to  Clear Unemployment Backlog5/27/2020 10:34 AM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Unmet Needs of Unemployed Oregonians 5/22/2020 4:13 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Baker County Circuit Court Ruling5/18/2020 2:17 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on the Passing of Representative Greenlick5/16/2020 11:24 AM 
House Republican Leader Calls for Agency Accountability5/11/2020 5:15 PM 
House Republican Christine Drazan Urges Governor to Move Forward with Regional Reopening Plan5/5/2020 11:49 AM 
Sen. Girod and Rep. Drazan Call on Governor to Display Bipartisanship During COVID-19 Crisis 4/29/2020 4:54 PM 
House Republican Leader Christine Drazan Releases Statement on Executive Order Protecting Nation’s Food Supply4/29/2020 9:44 AM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan on Senate Republican Leadership4/24/2020 10:17 AM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan on Emergency Board Action4/23/2020 4:56 PM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan on Lifting Executive Order on Non-urgent Medical Procedures4/23/2020 1:49 PM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan on Plan to Reopen Oregon Economy 4/14/2020 12:36 PM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan on Decision to Close Schools for Remainder of Academic Year4/8/2020 2:55 PM 
House Republican Leader Christine Drazan Responds to  Federal Stimulus Package3/27/2020 1:50 PM 
House Republicans Respond to Executive Order 20-123/24/2020 5:43 PM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan on Executive Order3/10/2020 1:30 PM 
Statement from Houe Republican Leader Christine Drazan on End of 2020 Session3/6/2020 10:35 AM 
Statement from Representative Christine Drazan3/5/2020 4:05 PM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan3/5/2020 10:25 AM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan3/2/2020 4:10 PM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan Opposing Strong-Arm Intimidation Tactics 2/27/2020 7:11 PM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan on  Cap-and-Trade Legislation2/25/2020 8:04 AM 
State Representative Bill Post supports Senator Kim Thatcher’s bold move to protect Oregonians2/24/2020 5:37 PM 
State Rep. Carl Wilson supports Republican Senators walkout,  decries majority party leadership failure2/24/2020 4:00 PM 
House Republicans to Hold Informational Meeting on Cap and Trade2/21/2020 3:44 PM 
Majority of Oregon Counties Oppose Cap and Trade2/21/2020 11:19 AM 
When is a tax a tax, but also not a tax?  Welcome to the 2020 legislative session.2/20/2020 1:58 PM 
House Republican Leader Christine Drazan Statement on New Cap and Trade Legislation2/17/2020 5:33 PM 
Representative Moore-Green Champions Resolution to Commemorate Centennial of Oregon’s Ratification of the 19th Amendment2/17/2020 12:03 PM 
Rep. Rick Lewis Sponsors Bill to Honor Fallen Soldiers Previously Listed MIA or POW2/14/2020 1:01 PM 
House Republican Members Leave Committee, Refuse to Vote on Legislation that Will Devastate Oregonians 2/13/2020 3:22 PM 
House Republican Leader Calls on Speaker Kotek to Allow for Public Hearings on Cap and Trade Bills2/13/2020 2:37 PM 
Representative Drazan Statement on Economic Forecast2/12/2020 12:10 PM 
Rep. Bill Post Champions Simple Fixes During Short Session2/11/2020 3:52 PM 
Rep. E. Werner Reschke Raises Concerns Over Increasing  Burden on the Electrical Grid2/5/2020 9:35 AM 
Representative Mark Owens Sworn In1/30/2020 11:23 AM 
Oregon Broadcasters Recognize State Rep. Carl Wilson with Tom McCall Award1/29/2020 8:50 AM 
Rep. Carl Wilson Appointed Vice Chair of House Economic Development Committee 1/29/2020 8:49 AM 
Representative Boshart Davis Appointed to Joint Transportation Committee1/27/2020 10:48 AM 
Oregon House Republicans Elect New Whip1/14/2020 10:46 AM 
Oregon Commemorates 100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment1/14/2020 9:44 AM 
Representative Lynn Findley Appointed to Oregon State Senate1/6/2020 3:21 PM 
collapse Year : 2019 ‎(60)
Governor Kate Brown Admits Flying in Private Jet to Give Speech on Carbon Policy11/27/2019 2:38 PM 
Representative David Brock Smith comments on the equity of Oregon’s December Revenue Forecast11/20/2019 10:32 AM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Christine Drazan on Revenue Forecast11/20/2019 9:03 AM 
Rep. Gary Leif Awarded ‘Legislator of the Year’ from the  Associated Liquor Stores of Oregon10/28/2019 12:33 PM 
Representatives Lewis and Moore-Green Urge Emergency Board to Allocate Funds to Community Corrections10/3/2019 9:29 AM 
Statement from Representative Christine Drazan on OHA Health Advisory9/26/2019 5:12 PM 
Central Oregon Elected Officials Urge Governor Brown to Call Special Session9/25/2019 11:10 AM 
House Republicans Announce Leadership Team9/25/2019 10:51 AM 
House Republicans Announce New Staff 9/20/2019 1:32 PM 
House Republicans head into 2020 with New Caucus Leader9/16/2019 7:47 PM 
Representative Bill Post Urges Governor to Rescind Appointment of Misha Issak9/10/2019 4:26 PM 
Rep. Breese-Iverson Sworn-in Today in House Chamber8/13/2019 2:31 PM 
Joint Press Release from Representatives McLain and Brock Smith On The Signing of HB 24378/9/2019 4:56 PM 
Media Advisory: Rep. Breese-Iverson to be sworn-in Tuesday8/9/2019 3:14 PM 
2019 Session Defined by Overreach6/30/2019 4:43 PM 
Statement on the appointment of Denyc Boles to the Oregon Senate6/25/2019 1:10 PM 
Did Oregonians Vote for That?6/24/2019 9:45 AM 
Democrats Declare War on Workers6/17/2019 8:21 PM 
House Democrats vote against bills to bolster middle class families6/13/2019 12:09 PM 
Democrats ram Cap-and-Trade legislation through Ways and Means6/12/2019 3:23 PM 
House Republicans fight to protect daily necessities from the hidden sales tax6/12/2019 11:17 AM 
A statement from Rep. Mike McLane on his appointment to the circuit court5/31/2019 11:21 AM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Carl Wilson on the appointment of Rep. Mike McLane as a circuit court judge5/31/2019 11:17 AM 
Real PERS reform will have to wait after House passes SB 1049 over stiff bipartisan opposition5/30/2019 5:41 PM 
A statement from Republican Leader Rep. Carl Wilson on the Governor’s kicker proposal5/30/2019 2:24 PM 
A statement from Republican Leader Rep. Carl Wilson on the passing of Sen. Jackie Winters5/29/2019 3:08 PM 
A statement from Republican Leader Rep. Carl Wilson on today’s suspension of constitutional bill reading5/29/2019 12:33 PM 
Record Revenue and Kicker thanks to Trump Tax Cut5/15/2019 8:18 AM 
Republicans remember Medal of Honor recipient Bob Maxwell5/13/2019 5:40 PM 
Republicans offer cost-effective PERS and Education solutions 5/2/2019 4:01 PM 
Democrats collude with corporations to tax working Oregonians5/2/2019 8:53 AM 
Working Oregonians take note, your wallet is under attack5/1/2019 11:34 AM 
Democrats throw caution to the wind in haste to pass new $2 billion tax scheme4/30/2019 8:46 AM 
Feeble tax credit fix won’t be of much help to Oregon’s working families 4/19/2019 2:30 PM 
Another oversight board won’t solve the problems at DHS4/18/2019 1:40 PM 
Fastballs, knuckleballs, nasty sliders and wild pitches4/16/2019 2:25 PM 
Democrats unleash an all-out assault on Second Amendment rights4/1/2019 9:15 AM 
Statement from Rep. Carl Wilson on the appointment of Bev Clarno as Secretary of State by Governor Kate Brown3/29/2019 5:41 PM 
Democrats circumvent Supreme Court’s Janus decision3/27/2019 4:42 PM 
DHS is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons3/27/2019 2:16 PM 
Oregon Democrats seek billions of dollars by stacking new tax upon tax 3/27/2019 9:00 AM 
Data breach is the latest in a disturbing trend of questionable DHS management 3/21/2019 2:50 PM 
Loss of mortgage interest deduction undermines home ownership3/18/2019 11:43 AM 
Questionable Democrat maneuver strips $108 million from kicker3/14/2019 1:42 PM 
Silence about infant’s death necessitates an independent investigation3/14/2019 9:28 AM 
Budget framework fails to address fundamental issues3/7/2019 2:42 PM 
Governor Brown is determined to pick SAIF Corp.’s pocket3/6/2019 8:29 AM 
House Republicans note the crisis of trust in Capitol3/4/2019 8:20 AM 
House Republicans remember pioneering political figure Norma Paulus2/28/2019 5:30 PM 
House Republicans champion affordable housing bill2/27/2019 1:56 PM 
Statement from House GOP Leader Carl Wilson on Revenue Forecast2/27/2019 9:40 AM 
Statement from House GOP Leader Carl Wilson on the passing of Dennis Richardson2/27/2019 7:00 AM 
Passage of SB 608 erodes private property rights and fixes nothing 2/26/2019 1:55 PM 
Changing Oregon’s Capitol culture requires more than promises2/20/2019 4:30 PM 
Republicans ask for full consideration of amendments to SB 6082/13/2019 2:25 PM 
Carbon committee caps testimony time, questions during HB 2020 hearing2/12/2019 9:43 AM 
House Republicans want to see a copy of the carbon reduction bill1/28/2019 4:17 PM 
House Republicans will defend rural Oregon in 2019 Legislative session1/18/2019 8:06 PM 
Oregon legislature takes aim at 2nd Amendment – again!1/14/2019 1:00 PM 
HRO Staff Press Release1/14/2019 11:00 AM 
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(23)
House Republican Leader Carl Wilson Reacts to Governor’s Proposed Budget11/28/2018 5:40 PM 
Carl Wilson Elected Oregon House Republican Leader11/26/2018 5:34 PM 
Statement from House GOP Leader Mike McLane on Revenue Forecast5/23/2018 8:53 AM 
The Top 3 Most Ridiculous Things Said During Yesterday’s Special Session5/22/2018 9:22 AM 
Oregon House approves Governor Brown’s election-year tax bill5/21/2018 4:51 PM 
FLASHBACK: House Democrats vote to INCREASE taxes on small businesses5/21/2018 1:46 PM 
Republican Leaders on special session: Governor Brown’s election-year stunt5/21/2018 7:51 AM 
Statement from House GOP Leader Mike McLane on Governor Brown’s call for a special session4/24/2018 7:56 AM 
Statement from House GOP Leader Mike McLane on Governor Brown’s intent to sign the small business tax hike4/6/2018 7:55 AM 
Lawmakers vote to extend tuition benefits to Oregon National Guard members3/3/2018 10:02 AM 
House Republicans unanimously support bill establishing domestic violence strangulation as a felony3/2/2018 4:54 PM 
House Democrats hit smallest of Oregon small businesses with last-minute money grab3/2/2018 4:16 PM 
192,000 mom and pop small businesses to face higher tax bills under SB 15283/1/2018 11:22 AM 
Register-Guard on Health Care Constitutional Amendment: “The Senate should let HJR 203 die.”2/14/2018 8:51 AM 
Bend Bulletin Editorial Board on Foster Care Crisis: “These are our kids, and they deserve better.”2/13/2018 3:58 PM 
Oregon House votes to refer constitutional amendment with unclear fiscal impact2/13/2018 12:20 PM 
House Republicans respond to Governor Brown’s State of the State Address2/5/2018 10:52 AM 
House Democrats to continue practice of introducing anonymous committee bills2/5/2018 9:00 AM 
House Republicans mark opening of 2018 legislative session2/5/2018 8:32 AM 
Lynn Findley appointed to Oregon House1/26/2018 10:43 PM 
Denyc Boles appointed to Oregon House1/24/2018 10:42 PM 
Statement from House GOP Leader Mike McLane on Measure 101 Results1/23/2018 10:41 PM 
Statement from House GOP Leaders on passing of former Representative Bob Jenson1/8/2018 11:23 AM 
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(81)
House GOP statement on today's cap and trade hearing2/14/2018 5:30 PM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane on the passing of Vera Katz12/11/2017 12:02 PM 
Jeff Helfrich appointed as State Representative for House District 5211/29/2017 6:00 PM 
Daniel Bonham appointed as State Representative for House District 5911/20/2017 2:00 PM 
House Republicans announce leadership team for 2018 session11/17/2017 3:15 PM 
Rep. Sherrie Sprenger to serve as House GOP Assistant Leader11/16/2017 3:00 PM 
Rep. Duane Stark named Oregon House Republican Whip11/13/2017 7:30 PM 
Rep. Jodi Hack to vacate legislative seat, pursue opportunity with Oregon Home Builders Association11/13/2017 4:08 PM 
WTAS: “Looking for leadership, not more excuses”11/9/2017 11:22 AM 
Rep. Mark Johnson to retire from Legislature November 611/3/2017 6:14 PM 
House Republican Leader Mike McLane thanks former Rep. John Huffman for his service to the State of Oregon11/2/2017 9:09 AM 
House Republicans Welcome Rep. Andrea Salinas to Legislature9/18/2017 9:09 AM 
REWIND: Rayfield’s partisan attacks on SOS audit alert don’t hold up9/5/2017 10:41 AM 
House Republicans respond to latest tax and fee hike proposals from Governor Brown’s PERS task force8/28/2017 6:24 PM 
McLane rebukes Kotek for Violating House Rules, Committee Appointment Process8/28/2017 2:44 PM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane on Revenue Forecast8/23/2017 8:46 AM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane on PERS Assumed Rate of Return Adjustment7/28/2017 3:11 PM 
What They Are Saying: 2017 Legislative Session7/19/2017 9:30 AM 
House Republican Leader Mike McLane Op-Ed: Session was marked by missed opportunities7/17/2017 10:11 AM 
Lawmakers adjourn session of “missed opportunities”7/7/2017 5:10 PM 
Cost containment effort ends not with a bang but a whimper7/7/2017 2:21 PM 
House passes constitutionally tenuous gun legislation amid bipartisan opposition7/6/2017 8:00 PM 
Clean Fuels Consumer Protection Act expected to receive approval as part of transportation package7/5/2017 4:24 PM 
Transportation package includes key transparency and accountability features7/5/2017 4:09 PM 
Oregon House approves bipartisan transportation package7/5/2017 4:01 PM 
House Republicans respond to attempt by House Democrats to hijack transportation package7/3/2017 9:43 AM 
House Republicans unanimously oppose partisan abortion legislation7/1/2017 1:25 PM 
Democrats reject bill banning late-term sex selective abortions7/1/2017 9:59 AM 
Series of election and legislative process reform bills killed by House Democrats6/29/2017 11:21 AM 
House Republicans stand firm against K-12 budget that shortchanges Oregon students6/27/2017 12:51 PM 
Oregon has highest government employee health costs on West Coast6/27/2017 12:11 PM 
School districts face $335 million increase in PERS costs6/27/2017 11:37 AM 
ICYMI: Oregonians should write thank-you notes to Brown, Kotek and Courtney for K-12 cuts6/27/2017 11:32 AM 
ICYMI: Stop trying to fool Oregonians with tax increases6/26/2017 2:58 PM 
House Democrats adopt $667 million tax hike that will hit smallest of Oregon small businesses6/23/2017 2:06 PM 
House Republicans respond to the shame and blame politics of Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson and House Democrats6/22/2017 1:44 PM 
House Republican Leader Mike McLane responds to House Democrats’ decision to roll back the small business tax cut6/21/2017 4:07 PM 
Representatives Hayden, Buehler, Kennemer decry healthcare package that passed with no support from House Republican medical practitioners6/21/2017 2:03 PM 
Democrats attempt to sidestep federal immigration law with HB 34646/20/2017 12:15 PM 
Democrats advance tax increase on simple majority vote, setting up potential legal battle6/19/2017 12:56 PM 
Democrats choose health insurance premium tax over bipartisan alternative6/15/2017 5:36 PM 
House Democrats reject effort to redirect $50 million to fund Oregon Health Plan6/15/2017 5:00 PM 
Joint Ways and Means Committee votes to tax school districts, college students and small business health plans – large corporations exempt6/13/2017 1:15 PM 
Oregon House sends bill establishing records request deadlines to Governor’s desk6/12/2017 3:20 PM 
Oregon House adopts resolution allowing remote video testimony6/12/2017 12:00 PM 
House Republicans respond to latest tax plan proposed by Speaker Kotek and Senator Hass6/8/2017 12:42 PM 
Ready to Read Program faces cuts under budget approved by Oregon House6/6/2017 4:44 PM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane on Cost Containment, PERS Package6/5/2017 12:34 PM 
ICYMI: Oregon House Republicans devise plan to retain Medicaid services6/1/2017 4:05 PM 
House Republicans on Education Subcommittee say no to K-12 budget6/1/2017 11:40 AM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane on Oregon Business Plan Framework6/1/2017 10:00 AM 
House Republicans announce plan to release one-year OHA budget5/31/2017 4:43 PM 
Video: Rep. Mike McLane on PDX Max Attack: There is no place for hate in Oregon5/30/2017 4:02 PM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane on Deadly Attack in Portland5/27/2017 11:05 AM 
House Democrats adopt partisan proposal to circumvent Electoral College5/24/2017 11:00 AM 
ICYMI: House Republican Leader Mike McLane talks budget on KGW’s Straight Talk5/22/2017 12:46 PM 
Consensus Pay Equity Bill Headed to Governor’s Desk5/22/2017 11:33 AM 
House Republican Leader Mike McLane Responds to Secretary of State Audit Alert5/17/2017 9:55 AM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane on Revenue Forecast5/16/2017 9:28 AM 
Key takeaways from state report on “Employment Landscape of Rural Oregon”5/15/2017 9:37 AM 
Video: Rep. Jodi Hack on rising healthcare costs: The price of inaction is a decade of deficits5/3/2017 5:52 PM 
Video: Rep. Mark Johnson: School districts are being forced to “budget in the dark”5/2/2017 6:34 PM 
House Republican Leader Mike McLane Responds to Tax Increase Framework5/2/2017 1:02 PM 
Video: House Republican Leader Mike McLane on the budget: There is still time to come together behind a balanced approach5/1/2017 4:34 PM 
ICYMI: Former Co-Speaker Hanna on public employee healthcare costs4/24/2017 8:30 AM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane on Cost Containment Hearing and Path to Balanced Budget4/21/2017 3:33 PM 
House Republicans join Senate Republicans in call for hiring freeze4/20/2017 1:41 PM 
Governor Brown on Tuition Costs: Rhetoric and Record vs. Reality4/14/2017 3:14 PM 
Video: House Republican Leader Mike McLane comments on latest Cover Oregon Settlement4/12/2017 3:15 PM 
House Republicans on HB 2004: Wrong solution to a real problem4/7/2017 2:38 PM 
House Republican Leader Mike McLane Responds to Firings of Environmental Quality Commissioners3/30/2017 10:10 AM 
House Democrats Reject Pay Equity Protections For Veterans3/28/2017 1:15 PM 
House Democrats Target Homeowners In Desperate Search For More Revenue3/7/2017 7:18 PM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Revenue Forecast2/23/2017 12:52 PM 
House Republicans Seek Ban on Anonymous Committee Bills2/15/2017 2:41 PM 
House Republican Leader Mike McLane Blasts Proposal to Place $1,000 Tax on Used Cars2/10/2017 2:25 PM 
House Republicans Release 2017 Legislative Agenda2/1/2017 8:06 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Representative Vic Gilliam’s Decision To Step Away From The Legislature1/30/2017 11:16 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Governor Kate Brown’s Inaugural Address1/9/2017 12:55 PM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Opening Of 79th Legislative Assembly1/9/2017 12:50 PM 
House Democrats Reject Compromise, Adopt House Rules Despite Bipartisan Opposition1/9/2017 11:16 AM 
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(27)
Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane on Inauguration of Dennis Richardson as Oregon’s Secretary of State12/30/2016 11:14 AM 
House GOP Caucus Budget Chair Greg Smith Issues Statement on Governor Brown's Proposed Budget12/2/2016 11:12 AM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane regarding Governor Brown's proposed budget12/1/2016 11:10 AM 
Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane regarding the passing of former Attorney General Hardy Myers11/30/2016 11:07 AM 
Republican House Leaders Urge Oregonians To Stand United11/16/2016 3:46 PM 
Representative Mike McLane Re-Elected As Oregon House Republican Leader11/15/2016 11:15 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Governor Brown's Support Of Measure 978/4/2016 4:22 PM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Governor Brown's Firearm Policy Agenda7/15/2016 4:53 PM 
Joint Statement From Republican Leadership On Revenue Forecast6/3/2016 9:43 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Initiative Petition 285/23/2016 10:36 AM 
House Republicans Respond To Oregon’s Poor Performance On 2016 Federal Child Welfare Review4/20/2016 10:34 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Governor Brown’s State Of The State Address4/8/2016 10:33 AM 
ICYMI: Oregon’s new minimum wage will create ‘tough choices’ for public universities3/8/2016 10:32 AM 
Short Session Delivers Partisan Results For Oregonians3/3/2016 10:29 AM 
Partisan Votes Leave Government Transparency And Oversight Bills Dead In Oregon House2/29/2016 10:30 AM 
Oregon House Votes To Commission Statues Of Chief Joseph, Mark Hatfield2/29/2016 10:26 AM 
House Republicans Vote For Alternative Affordable Housing Legislation2/23/2016 10:25 AM 
House Democrats Adopt Partisan And Costly Minimum Wage Mandate2/18/2016 10:30 AM 
House Democrats Refuse To Allow Review Of Budget Impacts Related To Minimum Wage Increase2/18/2016 10:25 AM 
House Republicans Vote To Allow Oregonians To Weigh In On Minimum Wage Bill2/18/2016 10:20 AM 
Oregon House Honors Fallen Military And Law Enforcement Heroes2/12/2016 10:19 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Revenue Forecast2/10/2016 10:18 AM 
House Democrats Rush Through Legislation Benefitting Trial Lawyers, Harming Rural Medical Providers2/10/2016 10:17 AM 
ICYMI: Make the most of the short Legislative session by going slow2/9/2016 10:00 AM 
Oregon House Votes To Strengthen Anti-Sex Trafficking Laws2/4/2016 10:00 AM 
House Republicans Announce 2016 Legislative Agenda1/26/2016 10:10 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Governor Brown’s 2016 Policy Agenda1/20/2016 3:50 PM 
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(59)
ICYMI: Time to admit rural Oregon is in crisis12/23/2015 1:30 PM 
ICMYI: House Republican Leader Mike McLane Addresses Oregon Leadership Summit12/21/2015 1:29 PM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Revenue Forecast12/2/2015 9:30 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Umpqua Community College Tragedy10/1/2015 5:51 PM 
ICYMI: Statesman Journal: Oregonians deserve discussion of Planned Parenthood9/23/2015 11:57 AM 
House Healthcare Committee To Hold Public Hearing Regarding Planned Parenthood9/18/2015 4:15 PM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Revenue Forecast8/26/2015 8:35 AM 
House Republicans Call For Transformational Changes In State Education8/24/2015 3:15 PM 
ICYMI: House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Straight Talk With Laural Porter8/24/2015 10:09 AM 
ICYMI: "These wildfire relief grants will help families rebuild their homes and lives"8/21/2015 9:59 AM 
House Democrats Pass Inadequate Funding Bill That Shortchanges Oregon Students, Teachers And Schools8/18/2015 5:13 PM 
2015 Session: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly7/8/2015 2:54 PM 
WTAS: 2015 Legislative Session7/8/2015 2:53 PM 
Gavel Falls On Most Partisan Session In Recent History7/6/2015 6:19 PM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Same-Sex Marriage Supreme Court Decision6/26/2015 11:27 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Failed Transportation Package6/25/2015 12:39 PM 
House Democrats Move Forward Last-Minute Tax Increases On Party-Line Vote6/23/2015 11:44 AM 
House Democrats Kill Comprehensive, Meaningful Ethics Reform Proposals6/15/2015 1:20 PM 
WTAS: “Democratic lawmakers should put aside partisan considerations and act now to make government more transparent”6/15/2015 1:18 PM 
House Democrats Pass Partisan Mandate Increasing Costs For Oregon Employers6/12/2015 4:43 PM 
House Democrats Kill Bills Aimed At Economic Growth And Job Creation6/12/2015 1:38 PM 
House Democrats Pass Costly Retirement Mandate On Oregon Employers6/10/2015 4:42 PM 
ICYMI: “Democrats should consider GOP reforms”6/10/2015 9:28 AM 
Oregon House Votes To Give Tax Breaks Exclusively To Portland Residents6/4/2015 3:30 PM 
House Republican Leader Mike McLane Denounces Democrat-Sponsored Bill To Keep The Kicker5/21/2015 4:09 PM 
ICYMI: “…a well-crafted transportation package could easily do more than the clean fuels program to reduce emissions”5/21/2015 9:51 AM 
ICYMI: “In plain English, the low-carbon fuel standard is a colossal policy stinker”5/15/2015 9:22 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Revenue Forecast5/14/2015 8:50 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Signing Of Senate Bill 9415/11/2015 3:52 PM 
Oregon House Republican Office Q&A – Senate Bill 9415/4/2015 4:17 PM 
House Democrats Vote Down Minority Report To Fund Mental Health Services And Increase Penalties For Criminals5/4/2015 12:29 PM 
House Democrats Vote Down Minority Report To Increase Support For Law Enforcement Investigations Of Gun Violence5/4/2015 11:53 AM 
Statement From Republican Leadership Regarding Oregon Supreme Court Ruling On PERS Reforms4/30/2015 8:53 AM 
Oregon House Unanimously Passes Legislation To Protect Oregonians From Invasion Of Personal Privacy Crimes4/28/2015 1:00 PM 
Senate Bill 941 Scheduled For Public Hearing In House Committee On Rules4/20/2015 3:57 PM 
ICYMI: “It would be a pity – not to mention a telling statement of lawmakers’ priorities – if HB 3505 were to languish in obscurity…”4/7/2015 12:30 PM 
House Republicans Introduce Meaningful And Comprehensive Ethics Reform Package4/7/2015 11:30 AM 
Dozens Of Oregonians Denied The Opportunity To Testify During Senate Bill 941 Public Hearing4/3/2015 4:30 PM 
House Republican Leader Mike McLane Calls For Thorough And Fair Discussion Of Senate Bill 9414/2/2015 12:00 PM 
Rep. John Huffman On Inadequate K-12 Funding: We Can And We Should Do Better3/24/2015 4:08 PM 
Rep. Bill Kennemer Sends Message To Oregonians: I Do Not Remember When I’ve Seen Such An Anti-Business Agenda3/23/2015 4:30 PM 
House Passes Bipartisan Legislation To Make Oregon A Leader In Technology And Communications Infrastructure3/20/2015 4:30 PM 
Rep. Jodi Hack on Education Funding: What Are Our Quality Goals?3/18/2015 3:30 PM 
House Republican Whip Sherrie Sprenger: We’ve Just Got To Do Better For Our Kids3/17/2015 3:05 PM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Signing Of Senate Bill 3243/12/2015 2:00 PM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On The Passing Of Dave Frohnmayer3/10/2015 12:30 PM 
Pain At The Pump: How Much Will SB 324 Cost Oregonians?3/4/2015 1:07 PM 
 “Supporters of SB 324 should be prepared for some hard conversations with constituents”3/4/2015 12:42 PM 
House Republicans Submit Alternative, Cost-Effective Proposal To Reduce Carbon Output In Oregon3/3/2015 5:00 PM 
House Republicans Protect Privacy And Individual Freedoms Of Oregonians In Unanimous Opposition To HB 21772/20/2015 12:30 PM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Revenue Forecast2/19/2015 9:00 AM 
Statement From Oregon House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Swearing-In Of Governor Kate Brown2/18/2015 10:00 AM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane On Governor Kitzhaber's Resignation2/13/2015 1:17 PM 
Oregon House Republicans Kick Off 2015 Legislative Session With Agenda To Increase Opportunities For Oregonians 2/9/2015 5:00 PM 
House Republicans Vote For Commonsense Compromise To Reform Class Action Lawsuit Rules And Protect Legal Aid2/9/2015 12:11 PM 
Motor Voter Legislation: House Republicans Ask, ‘What Could Go Wrong?’2/4/2015 5:00 PM 
Legislative Republicans Call On House Speaker And Senate President To Suspend Low Carbon Fuel Standard Discussion From Session Calendar1/30/2015 3:55 PM 
House Republicans Respond To Legislative Budget Framework1/14/2015 2:26 PM 
House Democrats Pass Inadequate Funding Bill That Shortchanges Oregon Students, Teachers And Schools3/31/2013 5:00 PM 
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(15)
Joint Statement From Rep. Mike McLane And Senator Ted Ferrioli On Revenue Forecast8/27/2014 10:45 AM 
Statement From Rep. Mike McLane Regarding Denyc Boles Appointment to HD 196/25/2014 12:55 PM 
Dan Golden Ready To Begin Term On Oregon Government Ethics Commission6/20/2014 9:40 AM 
House Republicans Express Concern Over Latest Education Appointment6/19/2014 10:42 AM 
House Republicans Honored With American Dream Awards5/29/2014 1:53 PM 
Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane on Same-Sex Marriage Decision5/19/2014 12:32 PM 
House Republican Office Responds to Cover Oregon Board Vote4/25/2014 12:01 PM 
House Republican Office Applauds Signing of Bill to Reinstate Crop Donation Tax Credit4/24/2014 3:00 PM 
Advisory: House Republicans to Attend Bill Signing Ceremony for Crop Donation Tax Credit4/23/2014 3:07 PM 
Tax Foundation: Oregonians Face 16th Highest State and Local Tax Burden in Nation As A Share of Income4/11/2014 2:34 PM 
House Republicans Announce New Communications Director4/8/2014 3:38 PM 
House Republicans Toughen Cover Oregon Reforms2/26/2014 12:48 PM 
Revenue Forecast Statement From House Republican Leader Mike McLane2/25/2014 11:33 AM 
House Democrats Kill Cover Oregon Reforms2/19/2014 11:02 AM 
ODOT Pledges to Expand Rural Broadband Access2/10/2014 12:00 AM 
collapse Year : 2013 ‎(27)
Rep. McLane's Statement on Possible Sept. 30 Special Session 9/4/2013 3:25 PM 
Fact Sheet: PERS Board Meeting7/25/2013 12:00 AM 
PERS Board Will Consider Actions to Steady Precarious System7/24/2013 12:00 AM 
Central Oregon Legislators Applaud Funding to Expand OSU-Cascades Campus7/8/2013 12:00 AM 
Rep. McLane's Statement on PERS Reform7/2/2013 12:00 AM 
Democrats Block Vote to Protect Sexual Assault Victim Rights in Civil Suits6/20/2013 12:00 AM 
Democrats Block Bills Helping Low-Middle Income Oregon Families6/18/2013 12:00 AM 
Rep. McLane's Statement on Defeat of the K-12 Budget6/17/2013 12:00 AM 
Oregon House To Congress: Exempt Oregon From Online Sales Tax6/10/2013 2:56 PM 
House Democrats Block Vote on Tuition Forgiveness Program6/6/2013 2:56 PM 
House Democrats Block Vote on Higher Ed Savings6/5/2013 2:56 PM 
House Democrats Block Consideration of Bills on Fraud & Abuse5/29/2013 2:56 PM 
House Republicans to Request Vote on Fraud Bills5/29/2013 12:00 AM 
House Republicans Stop Tax Increases4/24/2013 12:00 AM 
House Democrats' PERS Bill Doesn't Fix Problem4/24/2013 12:00 AM 
House Democrats Reject Bill Prohibiting Legislators From PERS4/24/2013 12:00 AM 
House Democrats Protect Spiking of Final Salaries for PERS4/24/2013 12:00 AM 
House Democrats Refuse Straight-Up Vote on Tax Break for Out-of-State Retirees4/24/2013 12:00 AM 
House Democrats Block Vote On Comprehensive PERS Reform4/24/2013 12:00 AM 
Democrat Tax Bill Irresponsible & Unneeded4/17/2013 12:00 AM 
Revenue Bill Raises Questions on Tax Filing Deadline Day4/15/2013 12:00 AM 
Democrats Fail on PERS Reform4/5/2013 12:00 AM 
House Republicans Call for Fixing PERS This Session3/27/2013 12:00 AM 
Oregon House Republicans Vote for Information Privacy for Oregon Minors3/26/2013 12:00 AM 
Republican Leaders Offer Budget Proposal3/4/2013 12:00 AM 
House Republicans Comment on March Revenue Forecast2/15/2013 12:00 AM 
PERS Reform, Job Growth Are Key Issues in 2013 Session1/14/2013 12:00 AM 
collapse Year : 2012 ‎(20)
House Passes Jobs Bill; Republicans Say Oregon Businesses Everywhere Deserve Tax and Regulatory Certainty12/14/2012 2:14 PM 
House Republican Leader Comments on Governor's 2013-15 Budget11/30/2012 2:15 PM 
House Republicans Call for PERS Reforms to Stabilize Education Funding9/28/2012 2:16 PM 
House Republican Leader Comments on June 2012 Revenue Forecast5/22/2012 2:22 PM 
2012 Session Offers Accomplishments, But Nearly Every Jobs Bill is Left on the Table3/5/2012 2:22 PM 
House Republicans Seek Distribution of Funds to Assist Homeowners Facing Foreclosures2/28/2012 2:36 PM 
'No Credit? No Problem': Democrats Push Debt Bomb in Final Days of Session2/23/2012 2:36 PM 
Rep. McLane Secures Passage of Jobs Bill to Protect Oregon's Private Sector Data Centers2/22/2012 2:49 PM 
Rep. Eyre: Oregonians Can't Afford More Government Debt2/22/2012 2:48 PM 
House Approves Additional Mandate Relief for Oregon Schools2/16/2012 2:50 PM 
Jobs Bill Allows Veterans to Leverage Military Training to Secure Civilian Employment2/16/2012 2:50 PM 
Rep. Conger: Legislature Must Commit to Fixing PERS for Oregon Schools2/15/2012 2:51 PM 
Timber, Water Jobs Bills Approved by House Committees2/14/2012 4:25 PM 
House Republican Leader Comments on March 2012 Revenue Forecast2/8/2012 4:24 PM 
Proposed Reform Gives Local Communities Greater Role in Economic Development, Job Creation2/6/2012 4:23 PM 
Reps. Eyre and Parrish to Co-Host 'Ladies at the Legislature' Day2/6/2012 4:23 PM 
House Republicans Support Solution to Senior Property Tax Deferral Program2/3/2012 4:22 PM 
Rep. Parrish Highlights '50,000 Jobs' Plan on KATU's 'Your Voice, Your Vote'1/30/2012 4:22 PM 
House Republicans Announce 2012 Agenda: 50,000 Jobs in Five Years1/18/2012 4:21 PM 
Reps. Kevin Cameron and Katie Eyre to Hold Telephone Town Hall on Upcoming February Session1/16/2012 4:21 PM 
collapse Year : 2011 ‎(68)
House Republican Leader Comments on December Revenue Forecast11/17/2011 4:20 PM 
Rep. Bill Garrard to Retire from Oregon Legislature After Term Expires10/21/2011 4:01 PM 
House Republicans Renew Calls for Reforms as Personnel Costs Increase Strain on State Budget9/22/2011 4:01 PM 
Less Spending, Less Debt Under Republican Co-Leadership9/13/2011 4:00 PM 
House Republican Leader Comments on September Revenue Forecast8/26/2011 4:00 PM 
House Republicans Form Policy Committee to Develop Agenda for 2012 and Beyond7/7/2011 3:59 PM 
Budget, Education Reforms Highlight Historic 2011 Session6/30/2011 3:59 PM 
Rep. Wand: Bill Will Create Jobs, Increase Investments in Low-Income Communities6/28/2011 3:58 PM 
Education Reforms Advance in Historic Session6/21/2011 3:57 PM 
HB 2011 Would Save $69 Million and Meet Public Safety, Education Funding Needs6/15/2011 3:57 PM 
House Republicans Support Redistricting Plan, Call for Independent Commission to Develop Future Plans6/9/2011 3:56 PM 
Measure 67 Needs More Fixes to Create Oregon Jobs6/9/2011 3:56 PM 
Increase Classroom Funding By Passing Cost-Saving Reforms6/2/2011 3:54 PM 
Rep. Julie Parrish Goes Shopping to Investigate BPA Claim5/31/2011 3:40 PM 
Republicans Support Bill to Protect OHP Coverage, Demand Transparency in Future Provider Agreements5/27/2011 3:40 PM 
Oregon Director of Veterans Affairs to Join Veteran Rep. Hicks in Honoring Oregon's Fallen War Heroes5/27/2011 3:39 PM 
School Districts Need Reforms to Direct More Dollars to the Classroom5/25/2011 3:39 PM 
Classrooms v. COLAs: Legislature Has a Choice5/24/2011 3:38 PM 
House Passes Mandate Relief Measures for Oregon Schools5/24/2011 3:37 PM 
Sen. Starr, Reps. Lindsay, Eyre Brewer to Host Hillsboro Town Hall with Speaker Hanna5/24/2011 3:37 PM 
Time is Running Short to Pass Pro-Jobs Bills5/23/2011 3:36 PM 
Rep. Conger Introduces School Savings Act to Direct More Funding to the Classroom5/23/2011 3:35 PM 
Rep. McLane Fights Wasteful Spending to Support Program for Seniors and Disabled5/20/2011 3:34 PM 
House Republicans: School Districts, Employees Deserve Relief from State Benefits Board5/19/2011 3:34 PM 
Oregonians Send Message in May 2011 Special Election5/18/2011 3:34 PM 
House Republicans Offer Care Package for Oregon's Veterans5/16/2011 3:33 PM 
House Republican News Conference on Care Package for Oregon Veterans5/16/2011 3:33 PM 
House Republican Leader Comments on May Revenue Forecast5/12/2011 3:32 PM 
House Passes Funeral Civility Act4/28/2011 3:30 PM 
Insurance Exchange Grant to Move Forward After Republican Scrutiny of Project4/26/2011 3:29 PM 
House Republican Leader Provides Mid-Session Report4/21/2011 3:29 PM 
House Passes Ethics Bill to Stop Legislators from Jumping into Lucrative State Jobs4/20/2011 3:28 PM 
House Passes Education Reform Bill To Give School Districts More Flexibility In Hiring Administrators4/20/2011 3:28 PM 
Oregon: Sixth Worst State to Earn a Living4/18/2011 3:27 PM 
House Republicans on Passage of K-12 Budget4/15/2011 3:27 PM 
Rep. Eyre Brewer: Oregon Needs Jobs, Healthy Business Environment to Prosper4/14/2011 3:26 PM 
ouse Republicans Laud Early Passage of K-12 Education Budget4/13/2011 3:26 PM 
Representatives: State Bureaucracy Stifles Job Creation4/11/2011 3:26 PM 
Reps. Wingard and Parrish on Special Interests Blocking K-12 Education Reform4/8/2011 3:25 PM 
House Republicans Offer PERS Reforms to House Business and Labor Committee4/8/2011 3:24 PM 
Reform Bill Restores Local Control to Land Use Process4/8/2011 3:24 PM 
House Republicans Lament Legislature's Failure to Adopt K-12 Education Reforms4/7/2011 3:22 PM 
House Republicans Respond to False Union Advertisement on Co-Chairs Budget4/6/2011 3:21 PM 
Rep. Dennis Richardson on 2011-13 Co-Chairs Budget4/1/2011 3:21 PM 
Co-Chairs Budget Reflects Republican Priorities on Spending, Reserves, Early K-12 Funding3/29/2011 3:20 PM 
Reform Bill Streamlines Insurance Regulations to Promote Affordability, Consumer Choice3/22/2011 3:20 PM 
Rep. Wand Passes Bill to Ensure County Lottery dollars are Spent on Economic Development3/22/2011 3:19 PM 
Representative Matt Wingard on Charter Schools and Education Reform3/18/2011 3:18 PM 
House Bill Makes Health Insurance More Affordable for Oregon Families 3/17/2011 3:17 PM 
House Republicans Aim to Create Jobs by Reforming Measure 673/15/2011 3:16 PM 
House Republicans Will Keep Fighting for Charter Schools, Despite Vote3/14/2011 3:16 PM 
Representative Gene Whisnant on 'Phantom' State Jobs3/11/2011 3:15 PM 
House Republicans Offer Capital Gains Tax Reforms To Create Jobs 3/10/2011 3:14 PM 
What They're Saying: Oregon's Phantom Jobs3/8/2011 3:13 PM 
Sen. Winters, Rep. Cameron to Host Aumsville Town Hall3/7/2011 3:11 PM 
Representative Shawn Lindsay on Oregon's Redistricting Process3/4/2011 3:10 PM 
House Education Committee Hears Florida-Style Education Reforms3/2/2011 3:07 PM 
House Education Committee Approves Bill to Support Oregon's Public Charter Schools2/28/2011 3:06 PM 
Representative Dennis Richardson on Oregon's Budget Situation2/24/2011 3:05 PM 
House Republicans Introduce PERS Reform Bill to Limit 'Pick-Up' of Employee Contributions2/23/2011 3:05 PM 
Reform Bill Would Eliminate Vacant Positions in State Government2/21/2011 3:03 PM 
House Republican Leader Kevin Cameron on Job Creation2/18/2011 3:02 PM 
Oregon Legislators to Consider Florida-Based Education Reforms2/17/2011 3:01 PM 
House Republican Leader Comments on March 2011 Revenue Forecast2/15/2011 3:01 PM 
House Republicans Pass Reforms to Promote Paperless Government, Information Sharing2/14/2011 3:00 PM 
House Republicans Propose Main Street Plan to Create Jobs2/9/2011 3:00 PM 
House Republican Leader Comments on Governor's Budget2/1/2011 2:58 PM 
House Republicans Open 2011 Session with Jobs and Reform Agenda1/10/2011 2:57 PM 
collapse Year :  ‎(5)
House Republicans propose the Oregon solution to agriculture overtime2/9/2022 4:30 PM 
Redistricting process in Oregon hijacked by Democrat supermajority9/20/2021 6:15 PM 
House Republican Leader Statement on Releasing Inmates due to COVID-19 Concerns6/15/2020 3:07 PM 
Secretary of State audit shows PPS fails to monitor Spending and Address Equity Issues1/9/2019 11:00 AM 
Sample Press Release8/14/2013 2:10 AM 
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