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alteza_films-66_43format.jpgSenator Janeen Sollman

Democrat - District 15 - Forest Grove, Cornelius, Hillsboro, Rock Creek

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1715
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-207​, Salem, Oregon 97301
Website: ​

Oregon motorists might soon be able to pump their own gasOPB7/21/2023 
Self-service gas bill passes Oregon state Senate, moves to Gov. Kotek for signatureKGW6/21/2023 
Pumping your own gas will soon be a reality: A bill to allow drivers to pump their own gas is headed for Tina Kotek's deskPamplin Media Group6/21/2023 
Pronto podría echar su propia gasolina en Oregon, falta firma de gobernadora tras aprobación de HB-2426Univision Portland6/21/2023 
Oregon State will lead federal semiconductor research projectThe Oregonian5/11/2023 
Oregon bans plastic foam and PFAS in food containers, promotes reusable alternativesGrist5/8/2023 
Editorial: The new anti-trash mantra should be reduce, recycle-- and repair LA Times5/3/2023 
Why Right to Repair could be the next big political movement Washington Post op-ed5/3/2023 
Oregon lawmakers vote to ban Styrofoam food containersOregonLive.com4/27/2023 
‘Why should dignity be an option?’: Nonprofit pushes bill to give luggage to foster childrenKoin.com4/26/2023 
Oregon Legislature passes ban on foam food containersOPB.org4/26/2023 
Oregon bills banning Styrofoam, allowing reusable takeout containers pass HouseOR Capital Chronicle4/26/2023 
Lawmakers hope to end ‘life in a trash bag’ for foster childrenOR Capital Chronicle4/24/2023 
Oregon Senate extends restraining order protections for abuse survivorsKATU4/20/2023 
Oregon Senate votes to extend restraining order protectionsKEZI4/20/2023 
Oregon Democrats propose constitutional amendment on abortion, same-sex marriage, gender-affirming careOPB.org4/19/2023 
Gov. Tina Kotek signs bill with $210 million for chip industry, new land-use powers for herOregonLive.com4/18/2023 
Gov. Kotek signs $210M CHIPS Act to elevate Oregon’s tech industryKOIN 64/13/2023 
Gov. Kotek signs Oregon CHIPS Act into law, giving state's semiconductor industry a boostKATU4/13/2023 
‘Right to repair’ bill advances in Oregon LegislatureThink Out Loud - OPB4/7/2023 
State, national leaders convene in Hillsboro to talk semiconductor workforceOPB4/6/2023 
U.S. Commerce Secretary Praises Oregon during semiconductor tripOR Capital Chronicle4/5/2023 
US Commerce Secretary meets with Oregon leaders to discuss CHIPS ActKGW84/5/2023 
We should have the right to repair our stuffPortland Tribune4/3/2023 
Bill to ban plastic foam food containers clears Oregon Senate, heads to state HouseOPB4/3/2023 
Bill to boost Oregon chip production passes SenateOregon Capital Insider3/30/2023 
Oregon Senate passes $210 million bill to expand semiconductor sectorOR Capital Chronicle3/29/2023 
Oregon semiconductor aid plan awaits one more votePortland Tribune3/29/2023 
Oregon’s major semiconductor bill clears state SenateOPB3/29/2023 
Oregon Senate passes $210 milion CHIPS bill with bipartisan voteKEZI3/29/2023 
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One Year Later: CHIPS and Science Act, State Action Jumpstart Oregon’s Economy8/9/2023 8:59 AM 
Democrats Champion Historic Gains for Oregon Students, K-12 Schools, Affordable Child Care8/2/2023 9:13 AM 
Major Wins on Housing and Homelessness for All Oregon Communities7/27/2023 9:16 AM 
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Senator Janeen Sollman Applauds Investments in STEM Education5/13/2022 9:00 AM 
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Legislature Passes Bill to Modernize Oregon’s Recycling System6/25/2021 2:14 PM 
House Passes HB 2591 to Expand Healthcare Access for Students Across the State6/22/2021 12:00 PM 
Statement from the BIPOC Caucus in Memory of Lawanda Manning6/11/2021 4:23 PM 
Oregon Legislature Passes Bill to Protect Juror Privacy6/4/2021 1:00 PM 
Oregon House Democrats Pass Landmark Legislation to Prevent Gun Violence4/29/2021 3:57 PM 
Statement on SB 554: Gun Violence Destroys Lives, We Can Do Something About It4/29/2021 12:27 PM 
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