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alteza_films-66_43format.jpgRepresentative Janeen Sollman

Democrat - District 30 - Hillsboro

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1430
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-487, Salem, Oregon 97301

Legislators need to act now to curb illegal gun violencePortland Tribune3/3/2020 
As Capitol enters second week of Republican walkout, all is quiet on the Salem frontThe Blue Mountain Eagle3/2/2020 
'Kids are dying’ -- bill requiring gun locks has a chance, lawmakers sayThe Oregonian2/10/2020 
Paper or plastic? New ban on plastic bags sparked by Hillsboro teensHillsboro Tribune6/18/2019 
Hillsboro Holocaust survivor's education bill to become lawHillsboro Tribune5/29/2019 
Holocaust Education Bill Passes Oregon Legislature1190 KEX Radio5/28/2019 
Oregon lawmakers pass gun control bill, one day after Florida massacreThe Oregonian2/15/2018 
collapse Year : 2021 ‎(1)
Confronting Oregon’s Racist Past and Committing to a Truly Equitable Future1/4/2021 10:10 AM 
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(8)
Emergency Board approves more than $128 million for Oregonians impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic11/9/2020 4:31 PM 
Second Special Session of 2020 Concludes8/11/2020 9:00 AM 
Oregon Legislature Strengthens Chokehold and Use of Force Statutes8/11/2020 9:00 AM 
Oregon Legislature Adjourns First Special Session of 20206/29/2020 10:44 AM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek on the Conclusion of the First Special Session of 20206/29/2020 10:05 AM 
Special Joint Committee on Coronavirus Response to hold second meeting 3/19/2020 3:03 PM 
Capitol Building Will Close to Public Until Further Notice3/17/2020 3:01 PM 
Joint Statement on State Budget and Policies at Risk3/4/2020 12:20 PM 
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(1)
House Democrats Fight for Washington County Funding7/19/2017 11:33 AM 
collapse Year : 2021 ‎(4)
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COVID-19 Updates: Honoring Our Veterans11/13/2020 
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End of 2020 Legislative Session3/5/2020 
House District 30 News-March 20203/2/2020 
House District 30 News-February 2020 2/4/2020 
House District 30 News-January 20201/6/2020 
House District News-December 201912/2/2019 
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House District 30 News-November 201911/1/2019 
House District 30 News-October 201910/1/2019 
House District 30 News-September '199/3/2019 
House District 30 News-August '198/1/2019 
House District 30 News-July '197/1/2019 
House District 30 News-June '196/5/2019 
House District 30 News-May '195/2/2019 
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