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alteza_films-66_43format.jpgSenator Janeen Sollman

Democrat - District 15 - Forest Grove, Cornelius, Hillsboro, Rock Creek

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1715
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-207​, Salem, Oregon 97301
Website: ​


​Legislative Staff

Nickole Vargas.jpg

Nickole ​Vargas​​

Chief of Staff

Hello, I am happy to be in my 4th Session as Chief of Staff to Senator Sollman and working for Senate District 15. I am excited to continue to help on projects I am passionate about, such as Right to Repair, plastics reduction, common sense gun legislation and assuring fairness and justice for all residents of Oregon. I look forward to seeing many of you for a visit in Salem or back in district!

Maria Gomez

​Legislative Assistant  

Hello, as someone who was born in Hillsboro and raised in Forest Grove, I am excited to work for Senator Sollman as the office's Legislative Aide and serve the Senate District 15 community. I am passionate about creating societal change, supporting important public causes, and providing equitable access to opprtunites and resources for disavantaged communities and ogranizations. 

Picture of SD15 College Intern Constance
Constance Tam

Hello readers,

My name is Constance Tam and I am an intern for Senator Janeen Sollman from District 15, and I am excited to dive into the role. I come from the city of Hillsboro and have recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in political science and a minor in business and legal studies. I plan on going to law school and eventually becoming a lawyer, although I am still unsure which field.

I will be working closely with Senator Sollman specifically on semiconductors which are an important element of every electronic device. This will be a new experience for me, but I look forward to not only learning more about the inner workings of our capital, but how it affects the state of Oregon and its citizens. I am delighted to be a part of the team and make a difference in the community!

JD Photo

Juan David Alonso-Garcia


My name is Juan David Alonso-Garcia, a current undergraduate student at Willamette University. Before Willamette, I have been involved in local government with the city of Hillsboro understanding and focusing on policy work. It has always been an interest of mine to better represent and fix any challenges --I hope to help within and outside of the office. ​I am incredibly proud to have the opportunity to work with Senator Sollman in the office and am looking forward to this year's legislative long session!                                                                                                              If you see me, I am always happy to talk!

​Mukhtar Yusuf

Legislative Intern



Hi, my name is Anna Kindley. I am a sophomore at Glencoe High School and have lived in Hillsboro my entire life. I love Hillsboro and I think that it is an amazing place to live. I am excited to be more involved in my community and I know volunteering with Senator Sollman will give me that opportunity. 

While I am not exactly sure what I want to be when I grow up, I know that helping people has always interested me and is very important to me. I am excited to start this internship because it will open my eyes to new ideas and new ways that our communities need help. I hope to better my community in any way that I can, I look forward to meeting you in our community, if you see me - come say Hi!


My name is Allison Wannberg, and I am a senior at Century High School. I have been involved in the student government program at my school for the past four years, and I am the senior class vice president! Outside of school, I am a competitive dancer at New Vision Dance Studio, where I enjoy a variety of dance styles. In my free time I love to read, as well as explore the beautiful Oregon landscape, and eat delicious food! Next year I am planning on attending college where I will major in business marketing. At home I have three adorable animals, Viktoria, my cat who has been with me since I was nine and my two, crazy, lovable labs, Brooke and River. 

I am incredibly proud to have been given the opportunity to intern for Senator Janeen Sollman, and I hope to learn more about the inner workings of our state legislature over the next year. Senator Sollman is an incredibly dedicated person and I aspire to follow in her steps to make our community and state a place of acceptance and inclusion. 


Hi, my name is Mari Park and I am a sophomore at Liberty High School. I have always been very interested in social issues and I especially love to read about different historical events. It is my hope that this internship can help me explore pressing issues in my own community and learn how to provide solutions. I tend to be a listener first and I will benefit from hearing different perspectives. I am involved in the Hillsboro Youth Advisory Council which has helped me learn about what is going on within the City of Hillsboro. Participating in YAC and interning simultaneously would provide me with a unique perspective and many learning opportunities.

I am also passionate about music. I am a member of the Liberty High School Marching Band and Winter Percussion Ensemble. I have played the marimba, xylophone, and synth in the Front Ensemble. I have created strong bonds of friendship through band and percussion. I have met many new people and these friendships have shed light on how different and alike we all really are. My hope is that interning for Senator Sollman will create more diverse experiences and allow me to gain different perspectives from those around me.

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