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Our Pledge to Every Oregonian
2019 Legislative Successes

Oregon House Democrats, representing diverse communities across our state, have long been committed to serving every Oregonian, no matter who they are or where they live. House Democrats have been at the forefront of transformational policy changes in Oregon, from expanding access to health care, to fighting for economic, racial, and gender equality. We are committed to building a future where everyone has access to the best that Oregon has to offer.

Below are some of the legislative successes Oregon House Democrats have had this session, and some of the work still to come.

Investing in Quality Public Education

Student Success Act: HB 2019 is the landmark, $2 billion proposal from the Joint Committee on Student Success to make unprecedented investments in early childhood education, make accountable investments for all school districts, build a more equitable education system and provide additional services that students need to succeed. (Current Status: Joint Committee on Student Success)

Giving Teachers a Voice: HB 2512 ensures that licensed teachers in Oregon would be guaranteed a voice on the State Board of Education. (Current Status: Senate Education)

Affordable Textbooks: HB 2213 requires community colleges and public universities in Oregon to establish a textbook affordability plan to provide students needed transparency and cost savings. (Current Status: Senate Education)

Fighting for the Right to Health Care

Protecting Medicaid: HB 2010protects Oregon's Medicaid expansion and the health care for Oregon families – including 400,000 children, as well as seniors and people with disabilities – who otherwise could not afford a doctor's visit and are often forced to go to the emergency room when they are sick. (Current Status: Signed into law)

Long Term Care Ombudsman: HB 2524 ensures that those Oregonians who live in long term care facilities, residential facilities and adult foster homes receive information about their rights and the services of the Long Term Care Ombudsman. (Current Status: Senate Human Services)

Combating Climate Change

Carbon Action Program: HB 2020 creates the Oregon Climate Action Program, a cap and trade program aimed at reducing carbon emissions in Oregon while investing in a 21st century economy in every corner of the state. (Current Status: Joint Committee on Student Success)

Supporting Affordable Housing and Safer Communities

Stabilizing Rent: SB 608 is landmark, first-in-the-nation legislation to protect renters from rent gouging and no-cause evictions. (Current Status: Signed into law)

Supporting Low Income Home Buyers – HB 2812 removes limitations to allow funds in the Home Ownership Assistance Account to be used more broadly, in support of home ownership by households with below area median incomes. (Current Status: Senate Housing)

Defending Our Environment

Environmental Protection Act – HB 2250 seeks to ensure a strong baseline standard following the erosion of federal environmental protection standards by the Trump Administration. (Current Status: Senate Environment and Natural Resources)

Fracking Moratorium: HB 2623 put a moratorium in place for the controversial oil and gas well development practice of hydraulic fracturing. (Current Status: Senate Environment and Natural Resources)

Offshore Drilling Ban: SB 256 makes permanent an existing ban on offshore drilling, prohibiting the state from leasing any submerged or submersible lands in the Oregon territorial sea for the exploration, development, or production of oil, gas, or sulfur. (Current Status: Signed into law)

Strengthening Our Economy

PECBA: HB 2016 codifies collective bargaining best practices into state law and protects the union rights of public employees. (Current Status: Senate Workforce)

Construction Wage Accountability: HB 3193 ensures that construction contractors have recourse and protections if they are not paid for the work they perform. (Current Status: Senate Workforce)

Protecting Oregon Wineries: HJM 8 urges the federal government to adopt and enforce stringent regulations related to accuracy in wine labeling, packaging and advertising to protect Oregon's thriving wine industry. (Current Status: Signed into law)

Ensuring Government is Responsible and Effective

Public Records: HB 2430 makes permanent Oregon's Public Records Advisory Council, which advises and provides oversight of the Public Records Advocate and develops practices and procedures related to public records. (Current Status: Senate Business and General Government)

Ending the Revolving Door: HB 2595 strengthens and clarifies the waiting period before former legislators can become paid lobbyists. (Current Status: Senate Rules)

Making State Law More Inclusive: HB 2589 removes and updates offensive language in the state's employment and anti-discrimination laws. (Current Status: Senate Judiciary)

Seeking Access to Justice and Equal Rights for All

Jury Awards for Victims: HB 2014 would restore fairness to the system and allow victims to recover the damages a jury has determined are owed. (Current Status: Senate Judiciary)

Protections from Payday Lenders: HB 2089 protects consumers by prohibiting a practice known as "debt stacking" where payday and title loan companies lend additional money to individuals who have outstanding debt with those companies. (Current Status: Senate Judiciary)

Revenge Porn – HB 2393 strengthens Oregon's unlawful dissemination of an intimate image, or "revenge porn" law adding additional recourse for victims and through updates to reflect the realities victims were facing. (Current Status: Senate Judiciary)