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Oregon State Legislature emergency-prep-activities


Legislator PhotoSenator Brian Boquist

District 12 - Dallas, Oregon

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1712
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-311, Salem, Oregon 97301


​Emergency Prep Activites

​Emergency preparedness for a manmade or natural disaster should be every citizens responsibility given the geography and climate of the Pacific Northwest.  We are all familiar with annual floods, forest fires, and the rare volcano plus the possibility of a Cascadia level earthquake.  However, given the expansion of technology, the fragileness of our communications and power systems, means every citizen needs to be prepared to survive, or get-through, an extended power outage.  Keep in mind, if you are out of power then so are the emergency services in a city or county.  Likewise, the fuel station, grocery store and cellular towers will likely be without power too.  Most EMS professionals suggest a family should be prepared to survice independently for more than a month.  I recommend many months given present circumstances.  Below you will find articles and postings on the present state of emergency created by Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Surpeme Court ruling giving her dictatorship powers. 


Capitol Closure Order March 17, 202012/2/2020 4:16 PM CapitolClosureReleaseMarch17.pdf
Oregon State Budget 2019-21 12/2/2020 4:15 PM Oregon State Budget 2019 2020 Extract.pdf
Oregon Senate GOP Letter to Governor Brown (Overreach) 17 Nov 2011/27/2020 1:52 PM Letter from Oregon Senate Republicans to Governor Kate Brown dated November 17, 2020.pdf
Johns Hopkins News Letter - Study US Deaths Flat - Covid Deaths Exaggerated 22 Nov 2011/27/2020 1:37 PM Johns Hopkins News Letter - Study US Deaths Flat - Covid Deaths Exaggerated 22 Nov 20.pdf
OSP Sheriffs Chiefs Arrest Press Release11/18/2020 4:40 PM OSSA-OACP-OSP__Press_Release_-11-17-20 (3).pdf
Governor Exec Order for Lockdown and Arrests 20-6511/18/2020 4:39 PM Executive Order Arrest and Lockdowns 20-65.pdf
OSP Superindentant Reply to Senator ref Governor's Exec Order 14 Nov 2011/18/2020 4:37 PM OSP Superintendants Reply to Legislators (Governors Exec Order) 14 Nov 20.pdf
Emergency Preparation Newsletter (400K Plus Emails) 8 Sep 201611/14/2020 8:32 AM Emergency Preparation Leg Newsletter 8 Sep 16.pdf
Controversial Executive Order - Internment Camps11/14/2020 8:18 AM A controversial executive order leads to internment camps - National Constitution Center.pdf
Japenese American Internment Case11/14/2020 8:17 AM Japanese Internment Case Not _Good Law_ - Legal Aggregate - Stanford Law School.pdf
Perversion of Justice - Lawyers & Genocide11/14/2020 8:17 AM Perversion of Justice - The Role of Lawyers in Eroding the Rule of Law (2020).pdf
Law in the Third Reich - Law Review11/14/2020 8:17 AM The Law in the Third Reich - California Law Journal.pdf
Lawyers and Judges - The Fall of Law11/14/2020 8:17 AM Lawyers and Judges - The Fall of Law.pdf
Perilss of Professionalism - Lawyers & Teachers in Nazi Germany11/14/2020 8:17 AM The Perils of Professionalism_ Lawyers, Teachers, and Engineers in Nazi Germany.pdf
Radicalism in Portland (Oregonian Participation)11/14/2020 8:17 AM Radicalism in Portland (Oregonian Participation) 1917-1941.pdf
Associated Press Cooperation with Genocide (The Guardian)11/14/2020 8:17 AM How the Associated Press Cooperated with the Nazis _ The Guardian.pdf
Moral Failings of the American Press Coverage11/14/2020 8:17 AM The Moral Failings of American Press Coverage of Nazi Germany _ The New Yorker.pdf
Reserve Police Battalion 101 - Facing History & Ourselves11/14/2020 8:17 AM Reserve Police Battalion 101 _ Facing History and Ourselves.pdf
German Police Battalion 101 - Ethics Unwrapped11/14/2020 8:17 AM German Police Battalion 101 - Ethics Unwrapped.pdf
Half of all Doctors Joined the Nazi Party Early11/14/2020 8:17 AM Why Half of all Doctors Joined The Nazi Party.pdf
LC Opinion 0189 Citizen Arrest Powers11/14/2020 8:16 AM LC 0189 Citizens Arrest of Criminal Offenders 8 August 2014.pdf
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