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Oregon State Legislature revenue-activities


Legislator PhotoSenator Brian Boquist

District 12 - Rural Polk & Yamhill Counties

District Phone: 503-876-8676
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-311, Salem, Oregon 97301


​Revenue Activities


As the non-major party Vice Chair on the Senate Finance & Revenue Committee, it is my responsibility to keep minority and non-aligned members apprised of the committee's activities not just vote yes or no on bills in committee.  On most technical issues regarding taxation the committee has historically worked well together, and in a bi-partisan manner.  However, tax policy can become quite partisan if you are the taxpayer whose taxes are being raised while another taxpayer is getting a credit, deduction, or is not paying any taxes.  Then we all should ask why big corporations get special tax breaks to include billion dollar so-called nonpofits hiding behind the law paying themselves millions in salaries and benefits.  This page is my effort to keep the public informed on what I am doing either myself in regards to revenue present and future revenue policies. 

To be very clear, this is not a Committee webpage, nor a group webpage, but what I am personally doing to represent citizens who both agree or disagree with any given revenue law, bill or policy.  ​


5/25/2019 5:53 PM K-12 School Funding 2019-21.pdf
SD 12 Sales Tax Vote Results5/11/2019 10:07 AM Senate District 12 Sales Tax Vote.pdf
HB 3437 GRT Democrat Substitute Sales Tax 11 May 195/11/2019 10:01 AM GRT Democrat Substitute Sales Taxes 10 May 2019.pdf
Oregon Tax Court Ruling on TC 53324/11/2019 3:45 PM Boquist5332ORGrantDefXMotSummJ03212019.pdf
10/23/2018 1:44 PM Ltr from Tax Court 5 Oct 18.pdf
10/23/2018 1:44 PM Boquist Baertschiger Reply Memo - Summary Judgment - Final Corrected - Filed 4 Oct 18.pdf
10/23/2018 1:43 PM Boquist Baertschiger Motion for Summary Judgment 18 Sep 18.pdf
10/23/2018 1:41 PM DOJ Motion for Summary Judgment 18 Sep 18.pdf
10/23/2018 1:41 PM Boquist Baertschiger Amended Complaint 6 Jul 18.pdf
10/23/2018 1:40 PM Boquist Suit TC 5332 Attachments 19 Jun 18.pdf
10/23/2018 1:40 PM Boquist SB 1528B Lawsuit TC 5332 19 Jun 18.pdf
LRO SB 1528 Revenue Statement 

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