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Oregon State Legislature rules-elections-activities


Legislator PhotoSenator Brian Boquist

Republican - District 12 - Dallas, Oregon

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1712
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-311, Salem, Oregon 97301


Rules, Conduct & Elections Activities

​Senate Rules Committee actually covers a variety of actions including executive appointments to Oregon's boards and commissions nominated by the Governor, elections related bills, and bills closely associated with the minority and majority caucuses.  Some legislator's call it the 'horse-trading-committee' but that is a bit of extreme.  Rules Committee is the last committee to close during a legislative session.  This webpage link is designed to keep citizens apprised of Rules Committee activities involving the minority caucus for which I am responsible, and be helpful in the executive appointment process.  In the later, regardless of party affiliation, there is always a need for volunteers to serve on the boards and commissions that oversea agencies in Oregon.   I encourage you to consider volunteering for an Oregon board or commission. 

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