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Oregon State Legislature rules-elections-activities


Legislator PhotoSenator Brian Boquist

District 12 - Dallas, Oregon

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1712
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-311, Salem, Oregon 97301


Rules, Conduct & Elections Activities

​Senate Rules passed by the supermajority are designed to give the Democrat leadership 100% control of the legislature.  No bill can even have a hearing without the approval of the Senate President.  No bill can be passed without the approval of the Senate President who controls agendas, committees and Floor votes.   Read the rules yourself which are posted under the Secretary of the Senate on this set of links. The Oregon State Senate is niether a democracy or republic after the elections of the Senate President.  An election filled with side deals.  This webpage link is designed to keep citizens apprised of rules, election, and conduct related activities in the Oregon State Senate.

Noteworthy to citizens, this Session will redistrict the Senate districts for which I expect to be placed outside Sd-12 by June with the plan confirmed by the courts by September 2021.  The supermajority Democrats control the redistricting process. 

Lastly, the rules passed by the supermajority on January 11, 2021 block citizens from the Oregon State Capitol.  Bills blocked by citizen input last Session will be passed by the supermajority with little opposition.  Any claims that emails or telephone calls influence the voting, or are even read by members, is simply false 100% of the process is controlled.  Face to face citizen input is the only real means of influencing the establishment, both Democrat and Republican legislators.  None-the-less, you are encouraged to email input to both our office and to the committees.  The links are on this website. 

U.S. Supreme Court - State Central Committees5/15/2021 7:35 AM Eu v SF County Democratic Central Committee (1989).pdf
Sen Hansell Op Ed - SB 865 Situational Ethics5/15/2021 7:34 AM Senator Hansell Op Ed - SB 865 Situational Ethics and Conflicts of Interest.pdf
OSHA Workplace Rule Opposition 1 Apr 214/1/2021 2:58 PM Opposition Submittal to OSHA Rule (Senator Boquist) 30 Mar 21.pdf
Senate Rule Change 3.103/11/2021 4:48 PM Senate Rule Change 3-10 11 Mar 21.pdf
SB 1530 National Security Threat3/4/2020 7:10 AM SB 1530 National Secuirty Threat 4 March 2020.pdf
2020 Short Session Committee Appointments1/26/2020 9:21 AM 2020 Senate Committee Appointments (005).pdf
2020 Short Session Committee Schedule 1/26/2020 8:51 AM 2020 Session Committee Schedule_Revised Final.pdf
Short Session Deadline Memo1/26/2020 8:44 AM 2019.12.16_2020 Joint Session Memo Dates and Procedures.pdf
Short Session Calendar 20201/26/2020 8:42 AM 2019.12.16_Final 2020 Short Session Calendar.pdf
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