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Oregon's history is filled with major changes that happened because a small group of people—or sometimes just one person—took action. The Oregon History Gateway at the Capitol is designed to illustrate how citizens made positive changes happen in Oregon, and how you can do the same.

Start your journey of discovery by reading stories of citizens who improved Oregon. On this website, explore Oregon’s unique legislative accomplishments and unearth the tumultuous history of the State Capitol.

Visiting the museums and heritage sites near where you live can also inspire you. Start your search by reading more about Oregon history near you, or using our partner site, Travel Oregon.

The Bottle Bill

Read about a twist on the proverbial story of a message in a bottle. In this version, a letter from a citizen led to an iconic Oregon law.

Read how one Oregonian’s letter became a law


Did You Know?

Boring, Oregon, has a sister city: Dull, Scotland.

Oregon became the 33rd state in the Union on Valentine's Day, February 14, 1859. Have you found the heart on the state seal?