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Oregon State Legislature Legislative History Highlights

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Legislative History Highlights

Indigenous tribes have lived all over the state since time immemorial. Discover more about the nine federally recognized tribes of Oregon​

Oregon’s first land laws paved the way for white settlers to travel along the famous Oregon Trail. 

Discover more about Oregon’s territorial period​.

Once Oregon became a state, officials moved its capital from Oregon City to Salem, and faced many of the same legal issues faced by the federal government. Notably, the Oregon's Legislature struggled with land laws, labor issues, and women’s suffrage.

Discover more of Oregon's history in the Blue Book.  ​

After World War II, the state established a number of laws that have become models for other states. The Bicycle Bill, the Beach Bill, the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Act of 1973, and the Bottle Bill are all considered landmark legislation.

Oregon's Bicycle Law

Oregon's bicycle law requires that each year a minimum of 1 percent of state highway funds be used to provide walkways and bikeways.


Did You Know?

"Along with wheat and forest products, laws are one of the major exports of Oregon." ​

— Robert Cantwell, Sports Illustrated, May 26, 1975.