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Oregon State Legislature About Legislative Counsel


Legislative Counsel

Phone: 503-986-1243
Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-101, Salem OR 97301​


Mission Statement
Overseen by the Legislative Counsel Committee, the Office of the Legislative Counsel provides legal and publication services to the Legislative Assembly and its members and other agencies of state government. The office drafts measures and amendments for legislators, legislative committees and state agencies; provides legal advice to legislators and legislative committees; reviews state agency rules for legal sufficiency; prepares indexes and tables for legislative publications; and edits, publishes, sells and distributes the Oregon Revised Statutes, the official bound session laws and other print and electronic publications. 

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Oregon Revised Statutes
The Office of the Legislative Counsel prepares and publishes the 21-volume Oregon Revised Statutes every two years.


View and search the text of the current edition of the statutes or get information about how to purchase LC's Oregon law publications.

Administrative Rule Review
Pursuant to ORS 183.710 to 183.730, the Office of the Legislative Counsel reviews state agency rules for legal sufficiency. Written findings of negative determinations are considered by legislative interim committees and, if adopted, are posted on this website until the rule is amended or the defect is cured.
Oregon Law Commission
Pursuant to ORS 173.335, the Office of the Legislative Counsel assists the Oregon Law Commission in carrying out its program of law revision, reform and improvement as legislative priorities permit. The commission, which was established in 1997 by the Legislative Assembly, studies Oregon law, recommends reforms, proposes new ways to administer the law and makes suggestions for consolidating, codifying or revising the law.
How An Idea Really Becomes A Law
36 Willamette L. Rev. 1 (2000), by former Legislative Counsel Gregory A. Chaimov


Legislative Counsel cannot respond to public requests for legal advice. To understand and protect your legal rights, consult your private lawyer. If you have questions or comments about the content of this web page, please send LC an e-mail.

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