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Oregon State Legislature AmendmentDrafting

​Legislative Counsel

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Amendment Drafting

The Office of the Legislative Counsel prepares amendments to the many bills considered by the Legislative Assembly. Once bills are introduced into the legislative process, any changes - "amendments" - must be made by legislative committees. Committees hold public hearings and work sessions on the bills and can change a bill by adopting amendments. Members of the legislature may present amendments to the committee considering a bill, or the committee itself may request amendments. Amendments to bills range from simple changes to complex total revisions.

The Office of the Legislative Counsel drafts amendments to bills at the request of members of the legislature and legislative committees. Drafting an amendment is similar to drafting a bill. The drafter must consider how the suggested amendment fits with the existing bill, whether different sections of law must be amended or new sections of law created, whether the amendment fits within the subject of the bill and whether the amendment raises any constitutional or other legal issues. In many instances, drafting amendments can be as complicated as creating the original bill.


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