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Legislative Counsel

Phone: 503-986-1243
Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-101, Salem OR 97301​




The Office of the Legislative Counsel tabulates statistics of certain aspects of legislative activity during sessions of the Legislative Assembly. The tables listed below present selected statistical summaries of those activities during the 2023 regular session and compares it with similar activities during the 2001 – 2022 regular sessions and selected special sessions. Some of the totals and percentages in the tables were reconciled when there were discrepancies in the source materials. However, no such adjustment was of a statistically significant nature.

Overall Activity, Office of the Legislative Counsel

Drafting Activity of Legislative Counsel

Legislative Action Taken on All Measures

Types of Measures Introduced

Legislative Action on Bills

Introduction of Measures by Week of Session

Length of Legislative Sessions (1943 to 2023​​)

2023 Statistical Summary (all of the tables listed above in one document)


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